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As part of Self-Published Fantasy Month 2021, we at the Uncharted Library are hosting a series of spotlights to showcase the incredible talent of self-published fantasy authors! Today we’re showcasing Realm by Nicholas Jean-Pierre, book one in the Wizard Warrior series.

Self-Published Fantasy Month is a month-long celebration highlighting the best of what the self-published fantasy community has to offer. To find out more and get involved, visit their official website at, check them out on Twitter @SelfPubFanMonth, or join The Guild, their Discord Server.

The second millennium has just rolled over. Armageddon, the destructive Y2K bug and a crazy time-storm is afoot. The ultimate battle between good and evil is about to take place on a distant magical world far away.Rock is one of the eight warriors chosen to fight in the ancient tournament that began eight thousand years ago. He is whisked away from planet Earth to fight on the floating islands that hover high above the magical world of Threa.

Rock will be guided to the destination of the ancient tournament by the powerful, mysterious wizard, Grodin. Together, they will face countless dangers. Evil wizards, trolls and magical monsters are but a few of the many perils that lie in the path of these intrepid adventurers.

Rock has the unprecedented power of the sword-wand to help him brave the many difficult challenges that lie ahead of him. He also has the services of the magical, black stallion, Thunder. All this comprises a mixture of violence and unbridled, riveting adventure in the first book of the Wizard Warrior Series!

Realm was published on 15th September 2019 at 338 pages.

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