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Miss Sharp’s Monsters

  • Author: Susannah Rowntree
  • Genre: Historical Urban Fantasy
  • Cover images link to each book’s page on Goodreads

Elizabeth Sharp is a lady’s maid. Sort of. Marked by the werewolf scars across her face two years before, she is seen as disreputable in polite society. But she doesn’t remember her past, so she has no way of knowing if the rumors are true. Trained to protect royalty from anarchists—and ensure her high-born mistress is well dressed for all occasions—all Liz really wants is answers to her past and to find the werewolf who took everything from her and shamed her in the eyes of society. But when the monsters are royalty, it can be hard to make them answer for their sins.

Book 1, The Werewolf of Whitechapel, is a straight-forward (besides, y’know, the werewolves) murder mystery set in Victorian London, and it is an absolute DELIGHT. Liz is entertaining to follow, the action never lets up, and before you know it you’ve reached the end and are hungry for more.

Books 2, Anarchist on the Orient Express, and 3, A Vampire in Bavaria, are full of their own mysteries and twists, but they move far beyond the scope of a simple murder mystery. The story zooms out to tackle continental issues, and Liz is caught between loyalty to her royal mistress and her anarchist-tied past.

These books are delightfully unhistoric (unless you actually think all of Europe’s royalty are vampires and werewolves and sirens…), but some slips in there. The blend of history and fiction makes for a fun romp that zooms by and leaves you wishing for more time with all the beloved characters. All three are filled with laugh-out-loud moments, as well as some absolute heart-wrenching scenes, but everything wraps up very satisfyingly by the end.

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Guest Reviewer:

Constance Lopez knows magic is real. Dragons, faeries… and don’t even get her started on unicorns. She grew up having epic duels in the woods with her siblings, and nature is still one of her favorite places to be. If she isn’t out there working on her stories, she’s dragging her children and husband on adventures (they always enjoy it once they’re outside). Except in summer. For those months she hides inside, because Texas heat is real and it hates her.

Books have always been her haven and inspiration, and now she writes her own noblebright stories, hoping to pass those feelings along to others. Fantasy, of course. Because everything is better with magic.

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