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Our Review Policy

Thank you for taking an interest in our blog. At the Uncharted Library, we are deeply passionate about all things indie, and we believe that indie artists are the heart of modern creativity, innovation, and diversity.

Our quest is to indulge in a variety of fantasy indie books and video games and to share the ones we love.

We also acknowledge that indie artists need more support finding a wider audience, and we want to support as many self-published/indie authors and independent video games developers as we can.

The Uncharted Library only reviews books and video games that are independently published, including both self-published products and ones published via a small or independent publisher.

Whilst we love traditionally published books and video games, we want to be a voice promoting indie creatives.

Requesting a Review

Requests are currently closed

Our aim is to curate a collection of enjoyable quality books and video games. However, we are happy to take review suggestions.

If you would like to suggest a book or game for review, please Contact Us and provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Website
  • Your Goodreads (For books)
  • Your Book/Game’s Name
  • Your Book/Game’s Blurb/Description
  • Your Store Link (Amazon for books, Steam for games etc)

We will only review books or games which intrigue and excite us. Whilst we focus on fantasy books, we may be open to other genres, too. To get an idea of what we enjoy, learn more About Us.

If we choose to review your book or game, we will email you with our review. As we are selective in what we choose to review, please do not email us asking for when. We will endeavour to provide an honest and spoiler-free review, and we will not post a review if we decide the book or game is not for us, or if we do not finish the book or game.