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  • Author: Candace Osmond
  • Series: The Ironworld
  • Genre: Paranormal 
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Book Type: Ebook / Paperback
  • Pages: 472
  • Published: January 27, 2022

About Book:

She’s part Fae with sunlight in her veins. He’s a vampire…with a soul. It’s a match made in magical hell, but Avery can’t seem to stay away.

With her crew of misfit friends–Fae, vampires, witches, and shifters–Avery Quinn uncovers a secret society of werewolves selling Fae blood to vampires on the black market.
Set against the artsy backdrop of downtown Halifax, A Kingdom of Iron & Wine is a fantastical tale of magic, danger, and love as Avery stumbles upon a hidden mythical world woven into her own buried past.
With each secret she uncovers, Avery grows closer to darkness. Because, while her mortal heart may belong to Cillian, she has no idea her immortal soul was long promised to a dark Fae Lord…and he’s coming to collect.

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