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So I have to admit that I avoided Undertale for years. Part of this was because I’d heard it was quite a tough game and basically a bullet-sponger, which just isn’t my type of thing. But then I started watching a few streams of the game, and it finally caught my interest. I download it, not honestly expecting much – but Undertale completely blew me away.

Undertale by Toby Fox has become an indie cult classic for a reason. On the surface, it looks pretty simple, from its simple graphics to the simple gameplay, but this simplicity hides complex characters and story. I’m amazed by just how much characterisation Toby Fox squeezes into so few pixels. And yet I found myself attached to these characters and the themes the game was trying to guide me through. It all starts with a young boy falling into the underground world of monsters. Right from the first random turn-based battle, the player has a choice: do you slay the monsters as you would in any other RPG? Or do you seek to understand them, to befriend and help them instead?

Beware: this choice has consequences! And if you take the wrong path, perhaps YOU will become the monster?

What I’ll whine about:

There are a few different endings in Undertale, and without spoiling any of them, one is certainly more challenging than the other. I’ve never been able to beat it, and I never will. I’m okay with that!

My only other complaint is the game is quite short, with little re-playability beside the few different endings.

What I’ll gush about:

Undertale had an emotional impact on me that I was not expecting from this game. It starts out quite cheerful, comical even, and there are plenty of silly moments. And yet it takes quite a sinister dark turn as you learn about the world and interact with it. Performing the “wrong” actions legitimately horrified me. The final battle really hit me in the feels.

Also, the soundtrack is phenomenal. If you love chiptunes, you’ll love this.

Final Words

Whilst a short game, the experience of Undertale is unlike any other game I’ve played and worthy of cult classic status.

Find Undertale on Steam – also available on console

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