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There are certain games which aren’t exactly games at all and more interactive stories such as Dear Ester or What Remains of Edith Finch. What these games lack in the gameplay department they make up for with a remarkable story, and To the Moon by Kan Gao is no exception. On the surface, To the Moon appears to be a retro role playing game in the style of Final Fantasy and other JRPG’s. But there’s no random battles here. Instead, you take the role of two doctors who specialise in trawling through the memories of the dying in order to artificially recreate their perfect life. And in this case, their dying client has always dreamed of going to the moon.

Going through someone’s memories is no easy task, however, and as the story progresses, you’ll learn the reasons behind their client’s ambition. And I promise you’re in for an emotionally devastating time.

What I’ll whine about:

As this is a story-based game, there isn’t much gameplay or interactivity here besides mini-games and puzzles. You’ll need to click with the story.

What I’ll gush about:

As you’ll expect, the story is a heart-wrenching tale of love, life, and death, and explores themes such as loss and regret. Story details are revealed at a good pace and the ending really hits all the emotional notes. The soundtrack is also fantastic, and the piano music featured in game was composed by developer Kan Gao himself.

Final Words

Quite simply, To the Moon is an emotional masterpiece.

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