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If your New Year’s resolution is to read more female authors, then this month is for you!

February She Wrote is a month long event this February dedicated to reading books by female authors and those who identify as women or use she/her pronouns, whether indie or traditionally published. Arranged and hosted by Benjamin over at the fantastic Literature and Lofi booktube channel, this is a great chance to put these authors in the spotlight and give them the attention they deserve.

To take part, all you need to do is read and shout about female authors! Follow and use the #FebruarySheWrote hashtag on Twitter, but feel free to shout about your favourite female authors on your own blog, website, and social media. You can also get involved by joining the Literature and Lofi Discord server.

Here at the Uncharted Library, we’re excited to get involved and promote some of our favourite female authors as well as discover some new ones. Both Nils and Trudie have picked out new books for our TBR that we hope to tackle this month, but if you’re looking for some suggestions on where to start, here are five recommendations based on authors we’ve reviewed on our blog.

Nils’s Recommendations

Holly Karlsson

Kingdom of Essence and Daughters of Fire & Sea: Epic fantasy adventures filled with magic and mythical creatures.

View on Goodreads.

JA Andrews

Keeper Chronicles and Keeper Origins: Character driven epic fantasy with heart and depth.

View the full series on Goodreads.

JD Evans

Mages of the Wheel: Romantic fantasy playing out against a backdrop of high-stakes political intrigue. A SPFBO7 finalist.

View the full series on Goodreads.

Kendra Merrit

Mark of the Least: Fairytale retellings featuring main characters with disabilities.

View the full series on Goodreads.

Rachel Rener

The Lightning Conjurer and The Girl Who Talks to Ashes: Contemporary fantasy with a touch of romance and magical realism.

View on Goodreads.

Trudie’s Recommendations

Isa Medina

Realms Unleashed: Red Angel: Fun and sassy Urban Fantasy with none of the grit. Also check out Medina’s Magical Artifacts Institute series.

View the ongoing series on Goodreads.

Krystle Matar

Legacy of the Brightwash: A stunning debut set in a gaslamp/grimdark world with amazing characters and a dash of romance. A SPFBO7 finalist.

View on Goodreads.

L.L. MacRae

The Iron Crown: Classic fantasy across a magical land featuring spirit dragons and curses. A SPFBO7 finalist.

View on Goodreads.

S. Kaeth

Windward: A tale of dragons and bond between their trainers. S. Kaeth also has an expanded series in this world with Children of the Nexus.

View on Goodreads.

Sarah Chorn

Songs of Sefate: An emotional woven tale set in a fantasy wild west. Be sure to visit Chorn’s other titles.

View the full series on Goodreads.

If we’ve not convinced you to get on board, then check out the February She Wrote trailer by Literature and Lofi!

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