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The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan


Zig Zag Claybourne

Saving the world one last damn time. When the Brothers Jetstream and their crew seize the chance to rid the world of the False Prophet Buford other evils decide they want a piece of him too. A wild race ensues to not only destroy Satan’s PR man…but make sure no one else gets to him first. Mystic brothers. Secret cabals. Fae folk in Walmart — and the whale that was poured into the oceans when the world first cooled from creation. Adventure doesn’t need a new name. It needs a vacation.

This is one of those books that does its own thing, without giving a damn about what the other books have to say about it. The story goes where it will, and you’d better keep up, or you’ll be helplessly lost somewhere halfway between Detroit and Atlantis.

Conspiracies, telepaths, and underground resistance. The false prophet Buford is headed for the mount, and it’s up to Milo and Ramses to stop him, except just as shit’s about to go down, someone teleports Buford away, and no one knows where he ends up – including Buford himself.

Turns out it’s Thoom in cooperation with the vampires, probably. Better call in the big guns. Maseef and the whales, and a bunch of angels, at least one of which is green (meaning the angels – I don’t know what color the whales are). No one seems to know where Raffic the Mad Buddha is, but everyone trusts he’ll show up.

Adam and Eve stops by as well – they’re immortal bodyguard assassins, and they’re super hot.

…and then someone just has to go and piss off the leviathan, and enemies will have to cooperate, after a fashion, for a little bit. Also, someone cloned Milo twelve times.

Now, that there summary is just a fraction of all that’s going on, and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m not really trying. This isn’t the kind of story where one explains what the plot is. It’s the kind of story one experiences, and then one sits down and tries catch up with what just happened.

What I’ll whine about

There are, from time to time, a whole lot of people, and I was not always able to keep track of them. At the start, this was a little frustrating and confusing, but eventually I learned to just roll with it.

What I’ll gush about

The attitude, the voice, the expressions. I think this is probably the one book where I’ve made the most highlights since I figured out how to do it (and I must have messed up somehow because I can’t find them now). Either way, this story is brimming with confidence, and it doesn’t mess about with explaining little details of world-building mechanics, or how the ships actually get from the Atlantic, to the blank, to Atlantis. It forges on, shit happens, and you, the reader, will just have to deal.

It’s not always I’m in the mood for a story like that, but this time, I was, and it was awesome.

Final Words

I’m going to need a break and read something normal for a bit, and then I’ll get back and read the second book.

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