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Reading Time: 2 minutes -

by Isa Medina.

I never really liked the term “guilty pleasure” because it not only implies I’m reading the wrong books but also that I should feel guilty about it for some reason. Whilst I do enjoy reading gritty fantasy, I prefer stories of hope and happy endings because sometimes I want to read fluffy and lighter stories, dammit! Yes, getting my heart ripped out by a book is fun, but so is snuggling up on the sofa with a cosy lighthearted read that makes me smile for having experienced it, and that is Finding Fae Artifacts for me.

Finding Fae Artifacts is a novella which avoids the usual gritty Urban Fantasy tropes (as evidenced by the lack of leather jackets!) and captures a longing for adventure in a world filled with magical fae objects. Maddie is a young woman who is stuck in a dead end job and desperate to score her dream job working for the Magical Artifacts Institute. Despite the many applications, she keeps being rejected. We’ve all been there. But rather than give up, our plucky heroine takes matters into her own hands and attempts to earn a place within the Institute after accidentally stumbling upon a magical fae object which causes all kinds of chaos.

There’s nothing quite like proving yourself perfect for a job than being chased by fae hounds and shadowy figures intent on stealing your precious artifact, is there?

What I’ll whine about:

As a novella, Finding Fae Artifacts is a short and sweet story. I would have liked to spend more time learning more about how the fae influence Maddie’s world as well as the politics surrounding the Institute. Luckily, there are more novellas on the way that may expand on this!

What I’ll gush about:

I loved the growing relationship and playful banter between Maddie and Aidan, a member of the Institute who is trying to protect the world from magical fae artifacts but accidentally gets stuck dealing with Maddie instead. This story kicks off a slow burn romance which promises to grow in the sequels, and I enjoyed the contrast of Maddie’s optimism to Aidan’s more grumpy realism.

Final Words:

If you’re looking for a quick, light read, then Finding Fae Artifacts is a cute story full of adventure and fun.

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