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Reading Time: 3 minutes -

by Isa Medina

Careful what you wish for…

It’s been four weeks since I began working at the Institute, and so far Aidan’s been ignoring me, nobody will give me the password to the Institute’s database, and I’m stuck on reception desk duty, leaving me eager for some artifact action. So when an urgent, anonymous tip about a dangerous artifact comes in while I’m the only one around, I decide to act on it.

Result? An ordinary artifact in a box. Problem? The mysterious spell that came with the box and is now attached to me.

I’ve been had, and if Aidan finds out before I show him I can fix it, my job is toast. But figuring out what particular brand of magical doom hangs over my shoulders is not easy, and as I dive deeper into the part-Fae world, I realize that these kinds of favors don’t come cheap and someone wants the Institute to pay in full—and not with coin.

Breaking Fae Spells by Isa Medina is the third in the Magical Artifacts Institute quartet of cheerful and energetic urban fantasy novellas about manic pixie girl Maddie, a woman desperate to score her dream job. And she’s made it at last! Maddie finally begins working in the Institute, but it’s not quite what she envisioned. Stuck on reception duty, she’s feeling a little neglected as the Institute’s handsome director seems to be avoiding her, and she’s not been given the chance to go near any dangerous magical artifacts. But when she happens on a lead to a potentially dangerous artifact from a mysterious caller, Maddie decides to take the initiative and investigate herself.

Smart idea, right? Nope! Poor Maddie inadvertently triggers a spell which starts to erode her memories, and she’ll need all the help she can get to break the spell before she forgets what a magical artifact is!

What I’ll whine about:

Honestly, I had so much fun with this third book that I’m struggling to think of any complaints, only that this story does end on a cliffhanger – which means I need to painfully wait for the concluding fourth book!

What I’ll gush about:

This is my favourite of the Magical Artifacts Institute books so far! As Maddie realises she’s dun goofed, she tries desperately to fix her problems before the grumpy director Aidan finds out and sacks her, but trying to break a spell which leaches your memories is no easy task. What I loved about Maddie’s dilemma is that she’s racing against the clock to save her own memories, but as more disappear, the situation becomes desperate and I really felt Maddie’s anxiety and fears as she forgets things dear to her and worries she’ll never get them back.

This story also introduces the legendary half-Fae sorcerer Lockhart, who is a lovable pain in the ass that’s willing to help Maddie for a price. I can see him with his own spin-off story. This third book is also full of the excitement and adventure that I’ve come to enjoy from this series as the characters explore more of Faerie and battle Fae creatures. Watching Maddie outsmart sorcerers and Fae was definitely a highlight. Plus, the slow-burn romance finally leads to a kiss! Of sorts!

Final Words:

If you’ve enjoyed the first two Magical Artifacts Institute novellas, then you’ll love this one! Even though it takes a more serious turn, this adds depth to the characters and makes their adventures much more satisfying.

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