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What We're About

At the Uncharted Library we are deeply passionate about all things indie, and we believe that indie artists are the heart of modern creativity, innovation, and diversity. We want to support as many self published/indie authors and independent video game developers as we can, and our library is a curated collection of quality indie fantasy books and video games.

We know that indie authors and developers need more support finding a wider audience, and we created this blog to not only showcase our favourite indie books and games, but to also support and promote them.

Our Mission Statement

Though we enjoy traditionally published books and video games, we want to be a voice supporting indie creatives. Our quest is to indulge in a variety of fantasy indie books and video games and to share
and promote those we love.

Our aims are to:

  • Share and promote indie books and video games
  • Curate a collection of quality indie products
  • Help readers find amazing new indie books
  • Help gamers find amazing new indie games
  • Support indies wherever possible
  • Be a loud voice in the indie community

We’ll do this by posting regular reviews, news, and features about all things indie. We hope you’ll join us on our quest and help us grow to become a home for fans of indie entertainment.

Who We Are

We are writers and readers of fantasy who are also gamers. Click the picture below to view our profiles. Want to get in touch? Contact Us.