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Today is the start of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, an entire week dedicated to giving book bloggers some love! And I know WE at the Uncharted Library are a book blog, but that doesn’t stop us from shouting about the spectacular fantasy blogs out there!

Where would authors or readers be without book bloggers? These amazing folk put so many hours into reading and promoting the books they love and creating content which not only supports authors, but also recommends great books to new audiences. As an author, I’m so grateful for book bloggers who choose to read and review my books out of the millions of books out there, and as a reader, I’m also grateful for new book recommendations because the gods know my TBR pile isn’t high enough.

So to celebrate Book Blogger Appreciation Week, here is a collection of some of my favourite book bloggers who specialise in fantasy (and more besides!) and who have also supported indie authors through their blog and social media. Check them out and throw them some love:

Armed With a Book

Book blog by the wonderful Kriti Khare, who has hosted me (Trudie!) previously on her Creator’s Roulette feature about Young Adult Fantasy! Kriti has now started a new feature, Indie Recommends Indie, which is all about indie authors recommending other indie books.

Before We Go Blog

An amazing blog that covers fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novels! They also promote indie authors with their #IndieSpotlight feature and are judges taking part in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off competition.

Beneath a Thousand Skies

A blog by Rowena about books, nerdery, and Dungeons & Dragons! Rowena is one of the most prolific readers I’ve met and is a great supporter of indie authors and very colourful-looking dice. Also check out her upcoming indie fantasy novella, The Ravyn’s Words.

Behind the Pages

A wonderful blog covering fantasy and more! Behind the Pages reviews and promotes indie books, and they also offer a beta reading service.

Book & Nature Professor

A lovely blog featuring both fantasy books and nature photography!

Cover to Cover

Covering fantasy books and more (pun not intended), they also feature blog tours and author interviews, including indie authors. Give them a visit!

FanFi Addict

A massive blog covering both fantasy and sci-fi. These awesome people are super active in the bookish space by supporting both the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off and the new sci-fi version, the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition! They also run the amazing TBRCon virtual conference with a whole host of panels, and their thoughtful articles, including the Neurodivergence in Fiction series, are well worth a read.

Fantasy Book Critic

Another huge fantasy blog that I’d consider to be one of the classics! They also take part in Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off and have a wide variety of fantasy content, reviews, and spotlights on their website.

Fantasy Book Nerd

One of my newly discovered favourites, the Fantasy Book Nerd covers a nice variety of fantasy reviews and features, and are a great supporter of indie authors! They also like baked beans (sorry!)

Out of This World SFF

An awesome blog which covers fantasy and sci-fi, they review and feature a ton of indie authors! They also offer cover reveal services.

Portable Magic

A blog for horror and fantasy readers, Portable Magic also supports and highlights indie authors. Check out their YouTube channel as well!

Queen’s Book Asylum

One of the more unique book blogs I’ve visited, the Asylum are part of the Storytellers on Tour team and feature and promote a wide variety of books, including indie authors! I recommend you check out their Pride Nights at Queen’s feature, which cover author interviews and discussions on LGBT+ topics.

Sadie’s Spotlight

A great blog showcasing and promoting books and book tours. Sadie promos a LOT of books, so if you need recommendations for your TBR pile, head on over!

Spells & Spaceships

One of my new favourite blogs, Spells & Spaceships covers both fantasy and sci-fi and also gives indie authors a platform through their Hidden Gems feature. If you love Norse-inspired fiction, then you definitely need to check out their annual Norsevember event. It’s not to be missed!

Sue’s Musings

A big supporter of indie authors, Sue’s blog has its own Indie Spotlight for interviewing and reviewing indie books. This blog also has some cool features, including the Illustration Showcase!

The Fantasy Hive

Another one of my favourite blogs, The Fantasy Hive is a huge site packed full of reviews, interviews, and features covering indie books too. They also review indie games! They’re also judges for the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off contest. Definitely take a look at their featured articles, such as this fantastic piece on challenges faced by female indie fantasy authors.

The Fantasy Inn

The Fantasy Inn are a classy bunch that review and feature a whole host of fantasy books, including indies! They’re also judges for the annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Do check out their podcast, or go chat with them in their active Discord server.

Weatherwax Report

A real powerhouse of a blog ran by the amazing Esme! This blog features a wide variety of fantasy reviews and articles, including a series on LBGT+ and OwnVoices authors, as well as video game reviews! They’re also a judge for the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off.

Whispers & Wonder

An absolutely gorgeous blog (seriously, this blog is goals), Whispers & Wonder are also part of the Storytellers on Tour team and also runs a great feature, Ladies of Grimdark!

Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub

Fantastic blog covering many great features such as a list of Female Authors in Fantasy and Science Fiction, they also organised the first Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week, which I hope to see again next year!

If you want to show your support for book bloggers, then you can also take part in Book Blogger Appreciation Week on Twitter! Just follow @AppreciateBlogs and use the #appreciateblogs hashtag with this handy posting guide to get started:

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