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At the Uncharted Library, we believe that indie books and games are the future of innovation, creativity, and diversity, and we want to share our passion for all things indie with you.

We review a curated collection of quality indie fantasy books and video games, and we welcome you to take a walk off the beaten track with us. Browse our collection, and discover unique worlds, hidden gems, and new adventures.

Our blog updates weekly with new reviews and features.

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Book Review: Falling Through Stars
Falling Through Stars by Staci Olsen Looking over my book reviews from last year, I feel like I should probably stop saying things like “I don't normally enjoy YA,” because, apparently, that's just not true. I'll keep saying I'm a grumpy old fart, though, because…
Our Top 10 Indie Books of 2021
Well, it's the end of 2021, and you know what that means? It's time to announce our favourite indie reads of the year! As is tradition when the New Year creeps up on us. Hey, we wouldn't be a book blog if we didn't, so…
Author Interview: Jessa Forest
Things have been a little quiet at the library lately. Trudie published a book, and Nils moved to the Netherlands. It's not all about us, though. Today, we have an interview with short-story writer Jessa Forest. First of all, could you tell us a little…
Book Review: Kingdom of Essence
Book Review: Kingdom of Essence by Holly Karlsson This starts out as a fairly ordinary fantasy story, about Elitsa, who's a kind of bounty hunter, reclaiming magical relics from people who leased them to do a job and then failed to perform. Elitsa is at…
Book Review: Mortal Secrets
Broke, blacklisted, and keeping secrets—the deadly kind. Name? Ana Calliope Holt. Occupation? Demon vermin hunter. Status in the human magic community? Rock bottom, basement level. And for a half-angel, that’s quite a feat. I don’t mind it—the less anyone pays me any attention, the better. Because if anyone…
SPFBO 7 Finalists
If you're an indie fantasy fan, and you must be otherwise you wouldn't be here on this blog, then no doubt you'll have heard of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off! This is an epic competition where 300 self-published fantasy authors enter their books, which are then…