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At the Uncharted Library, we believe that indie books and games are the future of innovation, creativity, and diversity, and we want to share our passion for all things indie with you.

We review a curated collection of quality indie fantasy books and video games, and we welcome you to take a walk off the beaten track with us. Browse our collection, and discover unique worlds, hidden gems, and new adventures.

Our blog updates weekly with new reviews and features.

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Book Review: An Altar on the Village Green
“If one suffers, I suffer. If one is chained, I am chained.” My faith called me to become a Lance. My compassion drew me into one of the fallen lands. Through my connection with the Chained God, I alone can find and destroy the Horror that…
Book Review: Greywolf’s Heart
Greywolf's Heart by C.M. Banschbach I picked this up on recommendation from a friend who reviewed it, and I was not disappointed. At its heart, this is a story of two brothers. They're sons of their village's chief, but one of them is a…
Book Review: The Forest of Forgotten Vows
The Forest of Forgotten Vows by Grace Carlisle I should confess I'm rather prejudiced against books about the fae. So often, it seems like it's all just glitzy sparkly magic romantic fluff, but I'm starting to think that may not be entirely fair. It's not…
Book Review: Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising by J.A. Andrews To say that this book meets expectations is correct, but not entirely fair. One would also have to mention that I expected this to be a worthy culmination to one of the best series I've ever read, and that both…
The Best of Brain Candy – Summer of ’22
A Short Selection of Easy Summer Reads One would be forgiven for thinking of the term Brain Candy as somewhat derogatory – at least when it comes to books. It hints at stories with little to no substance or intellectual merit, and that make no…
Author Interview: J.A. Andrews
JA Andrews is the author of the Keeper Chronicles and Keeper Origins series, as well as several shorter works taking place in the same world. Today marks the release of Phoenix Rising, the third and final book in the Keeper Origins series, and we're delighted…