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At the Uncharted Library, we believe that indie books and games are the future of innovation, creativity, and diversity, and we want to share our passion for all things indie with you.

We review a curated collection of quality indie fantasy books and video games, and we welcome you to take a walk off the beaten track with us. Browse our collection, and discover unique worlds, hidden gems, and new adventures.

Our blog updates weekly with new reviews and features.

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10 Awesome Indie Games from E3 2021
As a lifelong gamer, E3 is always one of my favourite times of the year and it has become a tradition of mine to watch the shows live and get hyped over the announcements. It's been great to see growing support for indie game developers…
Our 50th Review Giveaway!
Can you believe it? We've reached our first major milestone by reviewing a total of 50 indie books and indie games! To celebrate, we're hosting our first ever giveaway on Twitter. You could win either a book or game from the collection we've reviewed on…
Book Review: Witch Gold
Witch Gold The Metals, #2 by Justine Rosenberg I've been reading this book on and off ever since it came out, in November last year. It is both one of the strangest and one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. The writing is intensely…
Book Review: The Night Librarian
The Night Librarian by Jane Jago The Night Librarian is a collection of short stories about a young witch working the night-shift at a magical library, and originally, I wasn't going to review it. I felt the writing wasn't good enough. The prose is…
Book Review: Fixing Fae Problems
By Isa Medina The Institute is in trouble, and I'm the only one free to do something about it. For now. With the walls closing in on all sides, it's up to me to solve the mystery of the Institute's "curse" and find out who's behind it. I have…
BBNYA 2021 is Now Underway!
In cased you missed our announcement regarding the annual Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Awards, we're taking part in this years awards as a panelist! This is a great honour for us at Uncharted Library as it's our first time taking part in a book…